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Featured Products

My Somerset County Heritage (Softbound Edition)

Added: 10-05-2016

The author traces his Coughenour family history. Along the way he makes many discoveries which include the last letter his granduncle wrote before he died in World War II, Coughenour's that fought on both sides of the Civil War including one who was with Lee at Gettysburg, family that helped lay out the town of Johnstown and kill the last wolf in the Conewago Hills, the correct spelling of his last name, a cemetery where all the gravestones were thrown in a creek, Mennonite persecution and much more. Photographs and illustrations.

2016, 8.5” x 11, Softbound Edition, 419 pages




15 Generation Pedigree Chart (29" X 23" Two Sides). 2-Pack Folded

Added: 06-27-2016

This 15 Generation Chart has room for a full 9 generations of names on the front, [with space for birth date & place, marriage date & place, death date & place and burial place for the 1st through the 5th generations]. Birth & death information for two additional generations [# 6 and #7] follows, with room for names only for generations #8 & #9. Every name on your lineage for a full nine generations is listed.

On the back you pick up with a repeat of a partial 9th generation for 32 people that are listed in the last generation on the front side, and you have room to extend those lines to the 9th great grandparents. Then you choose 32 names from that list to extend for the remaining three generations. The chart is 29" x 23" and is printed on acid-free paper. It comes folded and pre-punched for a standard 3-ring binder. The chart can be opened and used without removing it from the binder or opening the rings.

Sold as a two-pack to enable viewing of both sides at the same time.



Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner

Added: 11-22-2016

Flip-Pal mobile scanner with batteries, SD
card, SD to USB adaptor, Quick Start Guide

4 x 6 inch single scan. Larger originals are accommodated by stitching individual scans.

Scan resolutions
300 x 300 dpi
600 x 600 dpi

10.25 x 6.5 x 1.25 in.

1 lb. 4.5 oz. (580 gm) without batteries

Removable lid
Transparent window on bottom
Stitching overlap guide marks
Business card pocket
Non-slip rubber feet




Now When I Was a Kid, Nostalgic Ramblings

Added: 11-21-2016

“Now, When I Was A Kid…” recalls a 1940s boyhood in a semi-rural town near Chicago. World War II notwithstanding, it was a swell time to be growing up in small-town America. With all the adventures of “the big city” just a streetcar ride away, Danny McGuire and his playmates enjoyed the best of two worlds.

It was an era when housewives shopped atnearby mom-and-pop stores. Folks would stop to “set a spell” on a front porch and share neighborhood news. Kids roamed anywhere, played everywhere and could be gone for hours without worrying Mombut they’d best be home in time for supper “if they knew what was good for them!” Because grown-ups sheltered smallfry from most of the bad stuff, Danny and his boyhood pals were free to revel in the sheer joy of just being kids.

Be the first kid on your block to join Danny and his pals on a fun-filled nostalgia trip back to those “good old days” when the family’s “entertainment center” was a table radio or the Philco console in the center of the living room. Order extra copies for your favorite seniors or long-ago playmates. “Now, When I Was A Kid…” is guaranteed to evoke warm memories for “kids” of any age.
Softcover, 6x9, 302 pgs., dozens of period photos
Dan McGuire, revised edition 2008, Back When Books, ISBN 1403383758




Roadside History Of Illinois by Stan Banash

Added: 11-21-2016

In this new book native Illinoisan, Stan Banash, describes the state’s diverse history as he guides readers along its highways and byways. Some of the routes he traces have a history of their own (the Old Cumberland Road, the Trail of Tears, the Lincoln Highway, and U.S. Route 66, for examples). The engaging text is enhanced with 120 historical and modern photos, along with a map for each region. Old-timers, newcomers, and visitors alike will love this info-packed history.
Published in 2013, paperback, ISBN 9780878425990, 6x9, 496 pp., Photos and 8 maps, Illinois fact list index, chronology, bibliography




Stories From the World War II Battlefield, Volume One, 2nd Edition, Reconstructing Army, Air Corps and National Guard Service Records

Added: 07-16-2016

All the tools researchers need to start exploring their World War II Soldier's service are included in this book. The tools include the basics of starting research, tips for online and offline military research, instructions for ording the Official Military Personnel File and collateral records to reconstruct service history, researching from Europe, researching the service history of women who served in the Army and Air Corps, placing the soldier into historical context using higher level rercords.




Stories From the World War II Battlefield, Volume Two, 2nd edition, Navigating Service Records for the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Merchant Marines

Added: 07-16-2016

The basics are included in this volume for starting research, online and offline military research, ordering and using the Official Military Personnel File and collateral records to reconstruct service history, researching in Europe, researching the service history of women who served in the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps, placing the soldier into historical context using higher level records. Dozens of documents, checklists and document images teach how to analyze the military files and records.




Stories From the World War II Battlefield, Volume 3, Writing the Stories of War

Added: 07-16-2016

The basic tools in this book include reasons to write the stories of war, tips to help organize thoughts and sources before beginning to write, writing formulas to help you orgagnize your stories, more than 500 writing prompts covering multiple themes for writers in the U.S. and overseas, suggestions on how to share your stories on memorial websites and through books, and additional resources for writing the stories of war.




Stories of the Lost, by Jennifer Holik

Added: 07-16-2016

This book is a collection of stories about the author's relatives who left by train to fight for our freedom and never returned. Three of the men were brought home after the war ended. One however, still sleeps in that foreign soil. It is also the recognition of the men who cared for them after death. The stories of the lost found through the military records.




Professional Genealogy : A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers, and Librarians

Added: 10-12-2016

Elizabeth Shown Mills, ed.

Professional Genealogy is a manual by professionals for everyone serious about genealogy. For family historians who want to do their own study, reliably, it describes the standards. For hobbyists, attorneys, and medical scientists who seek professional researchers, it's a consumer guide that defines quality and facilitates choices. For librarians who struggle to help a whole new class of patrons, it provides a bridge to the methods, sources, and minutiae of "history, up-close and personal." For established genealogical professionals, it offers benchmarks by which they can advance their skills and places their businesses on sounder footing. And for all those who dream of turning a fascinating hobby into a successful career, Professional Genealogy details the preparation and the processes.

Its twenty-nine chapters, written by two dozen scholars, cover the following topic areas: research skills and the analysis of evidence, writing and compiling genealogical research, the core genealogy library collection, genealogical ethics and standards, editing and publishing, and topics relating to the profession of genealogist.

"Professional Genealogy is a landmark--the field's most significant publication since 1960, when the American Society of Genealogists introduced Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources. In a sense, though, its title belies its greatest value: it offers priceless guidance to the many amateur family historians who want to ensure that their work is of high quality and enduring value."--Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, President, Board for Certification of Genealogists

The following is the book's Table of Contents:

Professional Preparation
1. Defining Professionalism, by Donn Devine,J.D., CG, CGI
2. Educational Preparation, by Claire Mire Bettag, CGRS
3. Certification and Accreditation, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG; Paul F. Smart, AG; Jimmy B. Parker, AG; and Claire Mire Bettag, CGRS
4. The Essential Library, by Joy Reisinger, CG

Ethics and Legalities
5. Ethical Standards, by Neil D. Thompson, LL.B., Ph.D., CG, FASG
6. Executing Contracts, by Patricia Gilliam Hastings, J.D.
7. Copyright and Fair Use, by Val D. Greenwood, J.D., AG

Career Management
8. Alternative Careers, by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS
9. Structuring A Business, by Melinda Shackleford Kashuba, Ph.D.
10. Setting Realistic Fees, by Sandra Hargreaves Luebking
11. Marketing Strategies, by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CGRS
12. Business Record Keeping, by Helen F. M. Leary, CG, CGL, FASG
13. Time Management, by Patricia Law Hatcher, CG, FASG

Professional Research Skills
14. Problem Analyses and Research Plans, by Helen F. M. Leary, CG, CGL, FASG
15. Research Procedures, by Linda Woodward Geiger, CGRS, CGL
16. Transcripts and Abstracts, by Mary McCampbell Bell, CLS, CGL
17. Evidence Analysis, by Donn Devine, J.D., CG, CGI

Writing and Compiling
18. Research Reports, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
19. Genealogy Columns, by Regina Hines Ellison, CGRS
20. Proof Arguments and Case Studies, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
21. Book and Media Reviews, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
22. Record Compilations, by Bettie Cummings Cook, CG
23. Family Histories, by Christine Rose, CG, CGL, FASG
24. Lineage Papers, by Mary McCampbell Bell, CLS, CGL and Elisabeth Whitman Schmidt, CLS

Editing and Publishing
25. Editing Periodicals, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG
26. Proofreading and Indexing, by Birdie Monk Holsclaw
27. Preparing Books for Press, by Joan Ferris Curran, CG

Educational Services
28. Classroom Teaching, by Sandra Hargreaves Luebking
29. Lecturing, by Helen F. M. Leary, CG, CGL, FASG

This 654-page reference book includes an appendix for Abbreviations and Acronyms as well as a section covering "Codes, Guidelines, and Standards: United States and International." The book also has an extensive index.

Hardcover, 654 pp., (2001) Reprint




The Sultana Saga The Titanic of the Mississippi. Rex T. Jackson

Added: 06-27-2016

THE SULTANA SAGA: The Titanic of the Mississippi

Rex T. Jackson

On a cold night in late April 1865, on the mighty Mississippi River just north of Memphis, Tennessee, scores of unsuspecting souls suddenly found themselves desperately struggling for their lives after the boilers exploded on the riverboat steamer Sultana. The majority of the passengers had served their nation on Civil War battlefields and had spent time in the prison camps at Andersonville and Cahaba (Castle Morgan), and, now freed, were on their way home. Although more lives were lost in this incident than would be lost on the Titanic in 1912, these homeward bound veterans of war have been nearly forgotten by the country they served so bravely. The author rectifies this oversight with his book-length treatment of the tragedy. The explosion of Sultana’s boilers was so violent that many of the victims were instantly scalded to death by the superheated steam or were hurled through the air and into the river. Others were burned or lacerated by flying shrapnel from the burst boilers and debris. Some suffered broken limbs. Still others, trapped in the burning and sinking ship, drowned. The final death toll, including those who died immediately as well as those who survived the explosion but soon died of their wounds in hospitals, may have been as high as 1,800. A military inquiry into the disaster was held and the Army was exonerated of any wrong doing, however; other riverboats, comparably overloaded with troops during the war, had operated frequently and safely. Includes never-before published illustrations and photographs as well as a chronology of Sultana’s last days in April 1865 and an official roster of the prisoners exchanged on the boat. Most of the men served in cavalry or infantry units from Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio, or cavalry units from Tennessee and Virginia.

Book (2003), 2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 136 pp

ISBN: 788423584

Military: Civil War:




A Trail of Tears The American Indian in the Civil War (Jackson)

Added: 06-27-2016

Rex Jackson

Forced by powers greater than their own, Native Americans were ruthlessly rounded up and held in concentration camps by the U.S. army where many died waiting to be relocated to the west. Their long difficult journey would be no less merciful in 1839 when the Cherokees were marched to their new homelands in the Indian Nations (Oklahoma), and more than 4,000 perished along the way on what became known as the "Trail of Tears." Other Indian tribes would have similar experiences. Their sorrowful ordeal would not end, however, with the loss of their native firesides and hunting grounds. Indians would once again face trials and tribulations when civil war between the white men broke out in 1861, which also raged in Indian Territory and its bordering states. As a result, Native American loyalties were torn between the Union and the Confederacy. By the time the War Between the States had ended, Native Americans would fight mortally, not just in the Indian Nations, but also in Missouri and Arkansas. The Civil War would leave Oklahoma Indian Territory a wasteland of destruction, and cause many casualties as well. Numerous photographs, a bibliography, a chronology of battles and skirmishes, and an index enhance the value of this work.

(2004) Reprint, 5½x8½, paper, index, 128 pp

ISBN: 788425625




Traces of Ozarks Past Outlaws, Icons, and Memorable Events - Rex T. Jackson

Added: 06-27-2016

Traces of Ozarks Past: Outlaws, Icons, and Memorable Events - Rex T. Jackson. The road to our historical past is broad and wide, and we can go there whenever we like and feast upon the many lessons it can teach us. As we delve into that realm, beneficial examples can be easily gleaned by retracing former steps of the previous generations that went before us. The Ozarks region is rich in history, experiencing the Civil War, mining era, Wild West lawlessness, unforgettable tragedies, westward expansion, early pioneers, Native Americans, and much, much more. There are untold stories yet to be discovered, but in this volume are a few that can offer a glimpse down that long and winding trail of Ozarks past. Numerous photographs, illustrations, bibliographies and an index to full names, places and subjects enhance the value of this work. 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 164 pp.
ISBN: 0788455206




Monumental Tales from the Ozarks - Rex T. Jackson

Added: 06-27-2016

Monumental Tales from the Ozarks - Rex T. Jackson. Every region has its share of well-known and lesser-known stories to tell, some legendary, monumental, or memorable — and, a number of them are so significant that they have had monuments erected and dedicated to them. The Ozarks region is no exception — its countryside is dotted with memorials and tombstones that highlight and commemorate its colorful past. There are tales and leftover signs of the famous and the infamous, unique folklore, Civil War, disasters, and the unexplained. Some, however, remain obscure while others are heralded, but they all have one thing in common, they can still educate, entertain, and inspire those of us who are still living. Numerous photographs, additional illustrations, bibliographies, and an index to full names and places enhance the value of this work. 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 176 pp.

ISBN: 0788456318




The Tiger's Widow, A Woman Who Took Up the Fight, the Story of Virginia Brouk

Added: 07-16-2016

This is the story of the life of Virginia Scharer Brouk, the wife of Flying Tiger, Robert Brouk. Virginia picked up the pieces of her life and joined the Women's Army Auxillary Corp, later known as the Women's Army Corp (WAC), to take up the fight after Robert was killed in a plane crash. Virginia's story is of life, loss, war and the connection of hearts filled with love.




Hays and Breeze ancestors : a genealogy of the parents of my father Ralph E. Hays, by Eugene T. Hays

Added: 07-19-2016

Hays and Breeze ancestors : a genealogy of the parents of my father Ralph E. Hays : researched and compiled solely by the author, from records found in the United States at the National Archives, state archives, county court houses, in the U.S. census, and cemetery records, Eugene T. Hays, 340 pages, Baltimore, Gateway Press, 1993, ASIN B007HDYX56




Historic German Newspapers Online. Ernest Thode

Added: 10-12-2016

For genealogical research, German-language newspapers are at least as useful as their English language counterparts. Astonishingly, there are now approximately 2,000 historic German-language newspapers online at numerous public, private, and commercial websites. The combined newspapers (fifty years and older) comprise billions of pages and refer to millions of individuals. Since most of these digitized papers are fully searchable, this guide to the newspapers, indicating newspaper title, place of publication, date range, and website, is a key to a mother lode of information found in German-language papers and is a revolutionary new tool for German genealogy research.

Most of the papers cited are from Germany and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, though there are papers cited here from as far afield as China and Oklahoma. Citations range from large papers to small, from dailies to weeklies, national papers to local papers, even trade papers, government papers, and occupational papers for saddlers, railroad men, gardeners, bookbinders, and tailors. A single site hosted by the Austrian National Library, for example, has digitized millions of pages in hundreds of titles from Austro-Hungary, with the years 1700-1875 now almost fully digitized, as are World War I newspapers from 1914-1918. Hundreds of other websites are hosted by libraries, universities, museums, and institutions, many with English language interfaces.

The genealogical information you can find in these newspapers is almost limitless. It includes notices of births, marriages, and deaths from civil registrations, baptisms and wedding announcements from churches, intentions to emigrate, trade news, lists of pupils, appointments to office, promotions, transfers, retirements, deaths, estate sales, lists of hotel guests, and a multitude of everyday notices. To find this information all you have to do is look for your place of interest in the “Places” section to see what papers are online for your area of interest; then in the “Titles” section find a general description of the paper’s coverage and a citation to the website. You’ll be amazed at the range of information available to you online in German-language newspapers.

Newspapers are uniquely rich sources of information, so it’s not just people you want to look for. Newspapers are an important part of the holistic approach to family history. If, for example, you know the place your ancestor came from, you can add information about the community and the county, possibly the number of houses and the population, the occupations and industries, possibly some of the surnames; maybe the names of schools and military units, churches and institutions, athletic clubs and social organizations—all of which provide context for the life and times of your ancestors.
Format: Paper

Pages: 234 pp.

Published: 2014

ISBN: 9780806320052




Stories From the World War II Battlefield, World War II Writing Prompts

Added: 07-16-2016

This important reference guide contains more than 500 writing prompts covering multiple themes for writers in the U.S. and overseas. Explore these prompts as you write your stories of war. These are the same prompts included in Stories from the World War II Battlefield, Vol. 3, Writing the Stories of War. This books contains only the writing prompts.