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CD/DVD Support

Support for CD-ROMs is provided by their publishers through the contacts listed below.  The publisher is indicated by the first three digits of the item number from our invoice.  Should they ask for an invoice number, please tell them the product was purchased from, one of their authorized resellers. Please let us know if the publisher is unable to resolve your problem and we will make arrangements for an exchange or refund.

113 Archive CD Books USA (410)715-2260
120 Colonial Roots/Delmarva Roots 800-576-8608
125 Arkansas Research 501-470-1120
149 Binns Genealogy
156 Hearthstone Legacy 816-204-7593
401 Genealogical Publishing Co. 800-296-6687 (also see Family Archive CDs below)
501 Heritage Books/Willow Bend 800-876-6103
502 Clearfield Co. 800-296-6687
705 331-901-0246 (also see Family Archive CDs below)

FAMILY ARCHIVE CDs Require Windows 95 or higher.  In order to read the CDs you must use the free download of the current version of Family Archive Viewer available at  The Family Tree Maker software program, version 4.0 through version 16 (2006) will also read these CDs.  Family Tree Maker  2008 and later will not read the CDs.

Note: If you are using a 64 bit computer, you may need to consult your manual for procedures to run 32 bit programs.

To access information on Family Archive CDs using the free Family Archive Viewer:

  1. Download the free Family Archive Viewer from  It may be necessary to temporarily disable your firewall in order to download and install this program. Start the Viewer if it is not already running
  2. Insert the CD you wish to view into CD drive “D:” If your CD drive is not drive “D:” see the Archive Viewer Configuration File.pdf
    Note: If a window opens that contains a list of files on the CD, simply close it.
  3. The CD may open automatically, but users of later versions of the Family Archive Viewer must click the CD/magnifying glass icon in the top toolbar (above the template in some versions) to read the CD.
  4. If a screen entitled “About this Family Archive” appears, click OK where prompted.

To access information on Family Archive CDs using Family Tree Maker pre 2008 versions:

  1. Start your Family Tree Maker and open a Family File.
  2. Insert the CD you wish to view into the CD drive used with your FTM program (usually D:)
  3. From the View menu, select Family Finder, or select the Family Finder icon from the toolbar.
  4. For FTM 2005, FTM 2006, or Version 16, you must go to the View menu, select Data CD, then View CD. For FTM 2008 or higher, you must download and use the Family Archive Viewer.

To search the CD for names, select the Search Expert button in the top right of your screen, then select "Search this archive for someone NOT from your Family File." You can also search for names by using the Index.