Humor The Sunny Side of Genealogy. Fonda D. Baselt


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Humor The Sunny Side of Genealogy. Fonda D. Baselt

In 1987 we published Laverne Galeener-Moore's Collecting Dead Relatives, the first book that looked on the comic side of genealogy (see Item 2105).

Now we offer another one, and the two books clearly demonstrate that genealogy is secure enough in its professionalism to laugh at itself. This edition of the Baselt book is the second, and it has an additional sixteen pages of new material. The whole book is a humorous collection of anecdotes, poems, wills, epitaphs, and other miscellany from genealogy. A quote of just one item will convince you that you should have this entertaining work-- "Old genealogists never die/They just lose their census."

Format: Paper

Pages: 102 pp.

Published: 1988


ISBN: 9780806312057
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