Ohio Cuyahoga Irish Immigrants in the Naturalization Records 1820-1900. Donna M. Wolf

Ohio Cuyahoga Irish Immigrants in the Naturalization Records 1820-1900. Donna M. Wolf


Donna M. Wolf

This book consists of information from the microfilmed naturalization records of Cuyahoga County, Ohio from 1820 to 1900, originally located in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas and Probate Courts. The abstracts are arranged on databases for easy reference. The index includes 11,364 Irish immigrants and 3,168 witnesses for a total of 14,532 names. The abstracts include all the genealogical information provided in each record. The data generally consists of the dates of arrival in the United States, the dates of the first papers or Declaration of Intent, the locations where the first papers were filed (providing places of previous residence), and the dates of Naturalization (final papers). The volumes and pages where the original records can be found are also included. One section that is especially valuable consists of 1,118 abstracts from the Petitions for Citizenship from 1883 to 1897. In addition to the above information the abstracts may also include the immigrant’s date of birth, occupation, Cuyahoga County address, and of greatest importance, the former place of residence in Ireland. The names of the witneses are included in some records, and may provide names of other direct or collateral family members. Also included is an explanation of the naturalization process and the various types of records, an every name index of immigrants and witnesses, a selected bibliograp

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