Vietnam War Delta Six, Soldier Surgeon. Richard L. Snider, M.D.

Vietnam War Delta Six, Soldier Surgeon. Richard L. Snider, M.D.

DELTA SIX, Soldier Surgeon

Richard L. Snider, M.D.

A compelling 364-day sojourn in the life of young Dr. Rick Snider in the Vietnam War. The captivating journey unfolds in the event-filled year, 1968, and goes from basic training at Fort Sam Houston, to Cu Chi, Tay Ninh, and Saigon, and, finally, the memorable, long-awaited trip back home. Not the usual war story of men killing men, but rather this story is about a young surgeon sent to lead a medical company whose mission was to save lives, not take them. Travel along with Dr. Snider as he brings comfort and caring to places filled with death and suffering. Laugh out loud when the young captain unknowingly shouts at a three-star general. Be surprised when sirloin steaks are condemned only to end up being barbecued for the wounded soldiers to eat. Feel the profound grief of an 18-year-old GI when he prays over the body of his fallen buddy, and cry at the loss of three of the captain’s medics when enemy rockets abruptly and brutally kill them. Experience the relief R&R brings on Hawaii’s sunny shores, only to be washed away by the return to war. Learn how our soldiers carried out the war, honorably and with total concern for others. Dr. Snider brings to the surface the wide spectrum of human emotions experienced by those in war. Delta Six was written so that all can know and honor those lonely soldiers who suffered and died so far from home.

Book 2003, 5½x8½, paper, index, illus., glossary, 241 pp

ISBN: 788423843

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